We believe the future is Fresh

We believe that technology can enable an accessible, abundant, and less wasteful future for fresh food.

$200B in waste

Conservatively, ~20% of all fresh food in the US is thrown away after reaching retailers and consumers.

100B days of lost shelf life

Inefficient supply chain processes cause food to sit in back rooms and warehouses for excessive amounts of time—this means food is less fresh than it could be.

13M wasted hours

Across the industry, millions of hours are spent in manual processes that could be used to assist consumers and better manage fresh departments.

We founded Afresh to dramatically reduce food waste while making fresh food more accessible to all.

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We are a passionate group of people who believe that AI can change the world for the better


Advisors and Investors

We’re proud to be backed by leading advisors and investors who share our vision of a fresher future.

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