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Afresh is a revolutionary new approach to fresh ordering, forecasting, and store operations for grocery retailers.

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Fresh is different. Your replenishment solution should be too.

Using existing solutions for perishables doesn’t cut it. Fresh is different, so Afresh is too. We’re designed from the ground up to specialize in all the complexities of fresh. The result? Millions of dollars of savings every year, and a system that store teams love.

Proven, sustainable results

We’re delivering more than a one time intervention. Grocers using Afresh see these actual results across their chain, maintained period after period after period. Don’t believe the hype? See what our customers are saying.

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Shrink Reduction

Afresh solutions help reduce shrink by an average of 25%


Gross Margin Growth

Afresh contributes an average of 200bps to gross margin growth


Sales Growth

Afresh helps increase sales by 3% on average

We've built flexible workflows that store associates instantly recognize, trust, and adopt, paired with powerful AI engines built for the complexity of fresh. Together, this drives perfect orders for every item in every store, every day of the year.

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The only platform built for fresh


Intuitive Interface

Place profit maximizing orders with a single click. We’ve designed an easy-to-use app that fits seamlessly into existing workflows so that store teams love Afresh.

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Powerful AI Engines

The unexpected is expected in fresh food. That’s why we built a self-monitoring AI system that detects imperfections and optimizes decision making.

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Easy Integration

We do the heavy lifting, so you can get up and running in weeks—not years. Spend your time delighting customers, not jockeying for IT resources.

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"We've seen great results from Afresh. Our store teams love using it, and the return on investment makes it worth it. It's low maintenance, easy to use, and delivers on its promises."

Tom Heinen, co-CEO of Heinen's

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