Built for Fresh

Afresh optimizes decisions for fresh food—helping retailers reduce waste and delight consumers


The Fresh supply chain is like no other

Fresh food introduces significant complexity into a supply chain: Fresh is perishable, easily damaged, difficult to track, and varies widely in quality. These differences, among countless others, differentiate the fresh food supply chain from all others.

Fresh food requires a fresh approach

Existing supply chain systems are optimized for simple, uniform items that are always the same and last forever. Managing decisions around fresh food that is wildly inconsistent and perishes in days is an exponentially more complex problem that other systems are not equipped to handle.

Afresh takes a novel approach: augmenting humans with AI

Using AI, design thinking, and human-centered engineering, we’ve created power tools, purpose-built for Fresh, to augment the productivity of people making critical decisions across the supply chain, all while reducing waste and stockouts.

Afresh's approach paves the way for a Fresh future

As a shelf-stable, center aisle foods move online, Fresh is increasingly how customers pick where to shop. With Afresh, grocers can delight customers by being the best in fresh.

Intelligent decision support solutions

With deep industry experience in food and thousands of hours spent in grocery stores, we’ve worked hard to understand the nuances of Fresh operations. Our technology is designed to handle the real-world challenges of fresh food.

Do well by doing good

Drive customer delight and multiply profits, all while helping the planet!


Higher profits


of gallons of water saved


of tons of CO2 conserved